The aesthetic taste and design understanding of each architect is different. What makes it different is original designs. Since design is an attitude in itself, these attitudes evolve over time into behaviors.

These behaviors touch and guide each unique design.

Over time, I have created my own style. Having style begins with chasing the differences in designs. However, it is not enough to just have style to pursue the differences. Understanding the needs of our clients as an architect and designer and creating perfectly tailored designs accordingly, creating quality and original designs are essential. My most important criterion for creating quality and unique designs, which are collaborative, bold, and unique, has always been my passion.

Prioritizing design as a lifestyle and realizing this by transforming it into a precise, functional, and needs-oriented project is my calling. I have learned to design bold designs by participating in international projects and always adding my passion to my work.


As Ceylan Ateş Architecture & Design, we are leading worldwide in:

- Germany
- England
- Turkey
- Dubai
- Qatar
- Azerbaijan
- America
- India




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