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A living space dominated by peace and nature without sacrificing comfort.

In this unique project, we witness the modern interpretation of contemporary architecture. While windows which are included in the spacial construction provide freedoms, wide window areas included in the project provide a more spacious living space in interiors and at the same time draw attention at outside with its design reflection. Spaces which flow inside one another from big and elegant surfaces, details that will make your dreams come true, comfort and stylishness will dşrect your living spaces in your new life. While your balconies, windows, terrace and garden doors in low-rise houses open to nature, you will embrace the unique harmony of green and white.


Land size: 3.142sqm
Location: Pforzheim
Living space: 2.500m2
Construction costs: 6.500.000EUR


In several international Projects I trained my view in terms of bold Designs and learned the way of turning this knowledge into real Buildings.
In addition to the passion to create high-quality and individual designs, I am currently also focusing on the subject of object design.
The current CEYLAN ATES portfolio includes two elaborate funiture design lines. Both lines were exclusively worked out by myself from the first draft to the standard-fit furniture.
As a result, my own high quality standards were always respected.

Consisting of two very extravagant seating furniture. Limited availability: The design models LIDER and YILAN are produced and sold only 1,001 times worldwide. Perfectly processed and bravely designed, these objects add extra value to spacious rooms. An eye-catcher is guaranteed.


The LIDER model is an opulent swivel chair that will transform your space into a striking location. The armchair consists a massive swivel base, as well as a spectacular attachment made of steel. The upholstery is made of foam. The basic model is available in gold lacquer and the upholstery is printed with an elegant tiger pattern. A special eye-catcher is the striking curved attachment, which symbolizes the power and strength of a leader. This area is bent, dominant, while protecting the sitter. At the same time, the robust steel frame beautifully forms the seating area. This is additionally crowned by a selected certified diamond in the middle of this framework. Not only the appearance of the chair is extraordinary, the functionality is also unique. On the one hand the chair can turn on both sides on its own axis and on the other hand, the area around the chair can be used comfortably as an integrated table.


The model YILAN is characterized by the space-filling curved steel framework. The upholstery also consists of foam and the seating area is covered with a printed snake pattern. The basic model is available in a retro livery in the two colors gold and black. Absolute eye-catchers are the exquisite, certified diamonds at the end of the curved steel bar. The inspiration of this design comes from the enthusiasm for the snake. As a dynamic animal it is not only fast but also adaptable in a fascinating way. The armrests of the chair are therefore as slim and arched as a snake body. The sitter and the driving force of this graceful creature is symbolically transmitted to the sitter.

Living Lux

The LIVING LUX collection currently consists three objects that have one thing in common: they are of high quality and with their bold designs they bring fresh forms into your rooms. Our credo is: “Everybody is worthy to surround themselves with beauty”. For this we have developed the LIVING LUX series of design furniture that can be bought by anyone who shares our credo.


Mirrors not only allow the playback of what is to be seen. They also confront the soul of the gazing one.

Exactly this property of the mirror object inspired me to design MIRA. The design chair does not only consist a sitting possibility, but also a storage possibility in form of a table.

The special momentum that transforms into a seat as a support and ends up as a table is the special feature of this CEYLAN ATES design.


  • 2020 - Best International Furniture Designer - Best Luxury Residential Design ProjectBuild Architecture Awards
  • 2020 - The Best Luxury International Furniture DesignerQatar- The Best Luxury Network International Awards
  • 2018 - Best Designer of the YearGolden Palm Awards
  • 2018 - Best DesignerTurkey Golden Brand Awards