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Design Yilan.

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The model YILAN is characterized by the space-filling curved steel framework. The upholstery also consists of foam and the seating area is covered with a printed snake pattern. The basic model is available in a retro livery in the two colors gold and black. Absolute eye-catchers are the exquisite, certified diamonds at the end of the curved steel bar. The inspiration of this design comes from the enthusiasm for the snake. As a dynamic animal it is not only fast but also adaptable in a fascinating way. The armrests of the chair are therefore as slim and arched as a snake body. The sitter and the driving force of this graceful creature is symbolically transmitted to the sitter.

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Bei allen Objekten der CEYLAN ATES Kollektion ist sowohl die Lackierung als auch der Bezug in einer Vielzahl von RAL-Farben und unterschiedlichen Stoffen verfügbar. Zudem können wir die Möbel der LIMITED WILD Serie mit echtem Gold, Silber, Diamanten und Swarovski-Steinen veredeln.